About Us

Here at Smoke’n Joe’s Grill’n Meats we have a strong but simple vision:

Smoken Joes Grillin Meats, Inc. will be the premier provider of high quality, flavorful, and easy to prepare meat products designed for the back yard grill. We will be the choice for family gatherings.We will be known as a family that takes pride in the quality of our products, the motivation of our workforce, and the happiness of our customers. We will be THE brand everyone thinks of when they want to experience the best brat patty on the market.

Joe is the real deal. Smoke’n Joe’s had been started from an at-home business to having its own processing plant with several distributors in only a little over 2 years. He was asked by a friend at a camp fire one night if he could make a pizza burger, everything started from there. He spent the next stage of his career making his various grilling meat creations at friend’s meat market.

When his brat patties kept getting great reviews from his friends and family, he bought a plant in Green Bay, WI and began producing the best quality, best tasting brat patty’s anywhere.

In 2015, After getting his family involved in the daily business, he ‘went interstate’ and now you can find Smoke’n Joe’s Grill’n Meats in the following stores. in multiple states

In 2017 Smoke’n Joes came out with gourmet hamburger patties. So, not only do they produce delicious regular beef patties now they included: Weston’s Whoppe’n Bacon Cheddar hamburger patties, Hailey’s Hoppe’n Jalapeno Cheddar, Mason’s Mighty Mushroom Swiss, Philly Cheese, and Chili Cheese Hamburger Patties. Some of them named after Joe’s grandchildren.

Our family is committed to bringing you the best quality, freshest tasting grilling meats on the market today. We work every day to make sure that your meal time together creates great memories for your family. We would love to hear your feedback, once we’ve fed you.