Smoken Joes Grilln Meats

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Here at Smoke’n Joe’s Grill’n Meats it is really all about family and creating great barbeque memories. We don’t have a lot of patience for second best when you are together with your loved ones. That’s why we put only the highest quality, freshest ingredients into your brat patties.

Everyone here at Smoke’n Joe’s wants you to have the type of BBQ family meal experience that you will talk about for years. We want your mouth to water with the remembered taste of the best brat patties you’ve ever had. We want your friends to know that when they want the best tasting brat patty, they either come to your house or go to the store and buy Smoke’n Joe’s Grillin Meats patties.

It’s not complicated. Buy the flavor patty you like, throw it on the grill still frozen, flip it after two-three minutes, and two-three minutes later, taste the mouth watering combination of premium pork  or beef and freshest ingredients mixed to perfection.

We have a wide variety of taste tested options. If you prefer a traditional grilled taste, you can try our Regular patties, Bacon Cheddar, Mild Pizza, Beer,

Philly Cheese, or Mushroom and Swiss options. If you want something with a bit of a kick, try our Pepper Jack Pizza, Jalapeno Cheddar, or new Taco flavors. You can’t go wrong with any choice, since our peppers, onions, and jalapenos are fresh vegetables shredded by us and cheeses are all fresh from the heart of Wisconsin. We also have a Gourmet Beef Hamburger Patties, some of which named after Joe’s grandchildren. Those varieties include: Weston’s Whoppe’n Bacon Cheddar, , Hailey’s Hoppe’n Jalapeno Cheddar, Mason’s Mighty Mushroom Swiss, Philly Cheese, and Chili Cheese Hamburger Patties

At Smoke’n Joe’s our simple mission is to create great memories of the back yard grilling experience. We live that mission every day while we are mixing and making these patties fresh from the heartland of backyard grill’n country: Green Bay, Wisconsin. So whether you want to give someone you love the best brat patty on the market, or share your culinary expertise with someone visiting from out of town for a Green Bay Packers game, throw some of our patties on the grill and you will be happy you did.